Mineralgemme stems from the passion and the researches of Dr. Antonio Antonucci, geologist and expert on gemmology. The important academic training of the founder is reflected in the company mission and it coincides with it: to look for the most fascinating stones in the world to transform them into the precious objects they want to become.
The research began in 1969 with the selection and working of the best stones, that were very much sought after during the seventies. These became the first objects manufactured by Mineralgemme.
From that time onwards, Dr. Antonucci and his company have been travelling all around the world to look for the most important and rare stones, from the semi precious gems to amber and corals.
Fantasia was the first collection of necklaces manufactured by the company and it was considered a modern and innovative product.




Japan, Tahiti, Australia are some of the countries where, at the beginning of the nineties, Mineralgemme extended its research, countries well-known for the brightness and the colour of the very precious pearls here cultured.
In 1996 Uminoko, which in Japanese means daughter of the sea, was created, This brand by Mineralgemme is used for marketing pearls with refined cuts and colours. Since 2000 to these days research goes on with usual ardour and value added of forty-year-old experience, ready to suggest news up-to-date.